Digital Gold Currency Standards Consortium
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The Digital Gold Currency Standards Consortium (DGCSC) is established to develop interoperable technologies (specifications, guidelines, recommended practices etc.) to guide DGC's to their full potential as viable currencies for all online commerce and payments.

Current points of Interest

Gold Exchange Rates - In order to help standardise the gold prices used in the Gold Economy, DGCSC provides the price of grams of gold (GAU) in various national currencies on this web site. The rates are also available for download in XML format.

XML-X - is a new XML-based protocol to facilitate payments and other requests with web-based accounting systems. The mission of the XML-X project is "to create a protocol for spend interfaces and front-end/back-end interfaces that can be the standard for all web based accounting systems". A subset of XML-X has already been implemented by one of the leading GBIC's (Gold Based Internet Currency) and others have shown an interest.